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Become an Affiliate

We have made our Affliate programme actually more easier than stroking a cat!! Excuse the much intended pun. If you have a website and are active on social media. You too can become a Fashion Nitty affiliate. 

The Plan..

We pay commission on validated sales (excluding delivery charges and VAT) that you drive to our site. Rates of commission vary depending on the type of sales made (for example, we pay 5% on most referred sales). Please see our terms and condition or contact us for further details.

Using third party tracking we are able to see which sales came from your website and you should receive the commission within just 8 weeks.

We run affiliate programmes in the UK, USA, Australia and across Europe, and have just announced our new affiliate programme in South Africa.

and Now.. for the Boring stuff....

With many dodgy sites on the internet. We have to make sure yours is fully legit so we will require a proof of ID and proof of address just to make sure you are not a meerket selling sardines from a shoebox . Once, we have established you are indeed not an Alien from the planet Mars. Then we can come down to earth and get into action!! EASY...like Sunday morning!! 

The Techy Stuff

Once you’re on the programme, you’ll have access to loads of creative, as well as our product feed (if you need it). For anything else, just get in touch.

So what are you waiting for? E-mail us: support@fashionnitty.co.uk 

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